Are You Suffering with the Effects of Obesogens & Unaware? Let’s Fix That Today!

Obesogens are artificial chemicals that are found in various food containers, cookware and plastics. They have become known as a subset of hormone-disrupters.  There are 20 chemicals termed “Obesogens” since around 2006, but are you suffering the side-effects and totally unaware of it? The most common obesogens include phthalates (cosmetics, sunscreen, detergents), BPA (plastics, aluminum drink cans, bottles of cooking […]

Gut Microbiome, Fasting & Your Cravings

Did you know the bacteria in our gut contribute to the production of vitamins in the body?  Gut bacteria can make you sick or healthy depending on which bacteria are present and in what amounts!  Your gut bacteria can influence your brain function & your mood in significant ways!  During fasting some of those bacteria die and some survive feeding […]

The Crushing of the Olive Produces Incredible Benefits in the Oil

There is this little-known compound that occurs when an early-harvest olive is put into the press…it’s called OLEOCANTHAL, and you can’t get oleocanthal unless the crushing happens!  Oleocanthal is only found in extra-virgin olive oils, and predominantly in olives picked early rather than late in the harvest season.  I’m on a mission to give you all the […]

**NEW** Supplements on Our Shelves at Clearview

Y’all know I’m not big on recommending you take 45 supplements daily, but I am really big on you not wasting your effort or money by taking ones that are no good. If you’re going to fill in the gaps you’re not getting from your regular food, you need to do it right, in my […]

Get More Winter Veggies Into Your Diet & WHY It’s a Great Idea

Several ideas include: Making roasted winter vegetables!  Cookie Sheet @ 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes with olive oil, salt and pepper Making vegetable soup or stews Fixing up “faux potatoes” using steamed cauliflower My family LOVES stir-fried cabbage & carrots seasoned with salt, pepper & turmeric Make spaghetti squash instead of using pasta, add […]

Are You Over-Fed and Under-Nourished?

With all the processed food available to us in grocery stores, convenience stores and drive-thru restaurants, there’s a good chance that most people over-fed and under-nourished.  The question: Are you? Nourishment means that your body is receiving adequate amounts of nutrients from your food.  If you’re not, it can have significant effects in your health, and massive […]

Vitamin D Deficiency DOUBLES Risk of Infection, ICU Admission & Death

“All the studies showed an increased risk of Covid-19 positive test in subjects with lower 25(OH)D levels (Fig 1), and the SRR [summary relative risk] indicated a significant double increased risk of infection for subjects with low serum VD levels compared to the highest level: SRR = 2.18.” *More than double the risk of infection […]

Morning Routines to BUILD Your Health

First things First:  before your feet hit the floor…pray, give thanks & ask for help where you need it.  Acknowledge the Creator, humble yourself, ask for wisdom which He gives generously to all who ask without reproach (James 1:5), imagine the benefit of beginning each day thankful, even in difficult circumstances, trusting that God is good and […]

4 Nutrients to Improve Bone Density

I am often asked about bone health and supplements that help bone strength.  In mainstream medicine, there are several categories of drugs that cause some of the worst side-effects; osteoporosis drugs are one of the worst offenders.  Because of that, many women are seeking other options to help their bone strength.  The combination of Vitamin […]

Top 10 Anti-Cancer Vegetables

If you have ever attended my Eat Well workshop here at Clearview, you know that I’m a huge fan of the website because of the plethora of information you can get about detoxing the body and treating cancer in alternative ways.  For this week’s article on Real Food, I wanted to share an excerpt […]