Tight junctions are the seals between your cells which help to create defensive barriers at the gut, skin, and sinuses. When these tight junctions are damaged, they LEAK (i.e. leaky gut) and create all manner of dysfunctions in our bodies. Our tight junctions intelligently to keep toxins and foreign particles out of the blood stream while also allowing nutrients to enter. These seals are protected by the carbon and mineral metabolites of bacterial digestion. Unfortunately, tight junction barriers CAN be degraded with exposure to glyphosate (the main chemical in commercial weed-killers like Roundup) and antibiotic use. Modern farming practices have brought incredible amounts of these chemicals into our soil, which now infiltrate our water systems as well, and antibiotics are one of the most widely prescribed drugs.  The big deal is that these chemicals and genetically-engineered foods cause DAMAGE to our body’s tight-junctions. Another area which is effected by these chemicals is the blood-brain barrier – ALL IMPORTANT in our brain’s functionality for intelligence, memory and mood, just to name a few. ION* is a supplement derived from ancient soils (some would say millions of years, but I don’t subscribe to modern science’s theory that the earth is many millions of years old); there are places in the earth where the soil has not been contaminated by modern chemicals, most notably in certain parts of Arizona.  ION* has been proven to improve gut lining, improve the blood-brain barrier and restore tight junction health again even in the face of chemical exposure!  I’m so encouraged about the potential for healing with this product…it takes like water with maybe a tiny bit of dirt taste.  ION* could be one of the most important things you & I can do for ourselves and our children to overcome the chemical onslaught we are facing in our world today!

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