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Wellness Workshops

Dr. Sharla hosts Wellness Workshops 7-8 times per year on a number of different topics, which are FREE and open to the public!  Please check our Facebook Event page to RSVP!  These workshops dive into the details of how our lifestyle effects how our bodies work.

Epigenetics (“Epi” means above, and “genetics” obviously means genes) is the study of what is actually controlling our genetic expression, literally turning genes OFF or ON is our lifestyle choices. You have a measure of control over how your body functions and the health & vitality your body expresses. We are not victims of our genetics! Praise God! Clearview Chiropractic Life Center is a place where you can belong, a place where you can get direction and help as to HOW and WHY to make these changes that will lead you to a life that is exactly that…adding LIFE to your years!

Lifestyle Coaching

Helping you live a lifetime of better health, better energy, and better happiness that all lead to a better life. Dr. Sharla writes a different weekly blog post on the subjects of Real Faith, Real Food, and Real Function, each filled with super-practical info to help you along the way.  See below to sign up to get these in your inbox each week! 

Consultation times are available for existing patients to meet with Dr. Sharla to get specific answers to your questions about changing lifestyle habits and/or nutrition to get you on the right track!

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