Seeing pregnant mommas in each trimester is the norm at Clearview!


The birth process is amazing, beautiful, and at the same time can be very stressful. It is vital that babies be checked for alignment as soon after birth as possible.


Individual or family care is available at Clearview at affordable rates so that you can ALL get well and stay well.


Dr. Sharla is a wellness Chiropractor, this means that she take a holistic look at how lifestyle choices effect the health of an individual.

"Where Families Go to Get Well and Stay Well"


2 Amazing Products to Help Sore Throats

We have 2 options for protecting your throat this winter here at Clearview. The first is the product we've been carrying for years. “Seagate Olive Leaf Extract Throat Spray” is amazing when you have the very first symptoms of a sore throat. Seagate Brand Olive Leaf...

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Weak Rhomboids = Rounded Shoulders = Neck Stress

Your Rhomboid muscles are located in your upper back, just beneath the Trapezius muscle.  They connect your Scapulae (shoulder blades) to your T2-T5 vertebrae. The YWTL exercises that most of you have probably already received actually work to strengthen these...

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Very Important!! Special Schedule for the FALL!!

Our Schedule will look a little different over the next 5 weeks!!! Please SCHEDULE your appointments with us ahead of time and make sure you get TEXT or EMAIL reminders, if your normal adjustment time is effected. Below are the days we’re CLOSED over the next 5 weeks...

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