Wheat & Rice – What You REALLY NEED to Know if You Want to Be Healthy!

Refined and so-called “enriched” grains are some of the most toxic & deficient things we can put into our bodies!  Here’s why…to make white flour, wheat is sifted so that the bran & germ are removed leaving only white flour, then it’s bleached.  Bran contains the protein & fiber, the germ contains the nutrients like Vitamin E, B-Vitamins, iron and trace minerals. […]

Eat Well to Live Well

You’re invited to join us at Clearview, Tuesday 2/20/24 5:30pm for our Eat to Live Well Workshop…this is a fun one where you get to come & learn but also get to sample some amazing high-phenolic olive oils from my recent trip to Greece and try some of my organic, home-milled & home-baked bread with […]

You Can Thrive!!

I’d like to invite you to our next Tuesday Night Wellness EAT WELL Workshop on February 20th, 5:30pm.   Most of us are completely unaware of how food production in America has changed our lives and our health. We’ve unequivocally traded health for convenience, and now generational effects have taken hold.  Over 100 years ago, wheat mills were local and […]

What are Seed Oils & Why We Should Avoid Them

Seed oils include: Canola (Rapeseed) oil, Corn oil, Cottonseed oil, Soybean oil, Sunflower oil, Safflower oil, Rice bran oil, and Peanut oil.   In order to get these seeds into the form of an oil that is able to be used in food production/cooking, they have to go through a tremendous amount of chemical refining!  For example, […]

Your Immune System is Amazing

We need to be reminded of this …AND… that we can crash our own immune systems by stress, being sedentary and the amount of sugar we eat.  So, if you’re sitting around watching the news, and drinking a Dr. Pepper because you’re truly fearful and stressed out over world events, just know that you’re NOT […]

4 Critical Pieces in the Healing Puzzle

God created the human body to heal & repair even as we age. What we do (which ultimately demonstrates what we believe) has a massive effect on that process!

Vitamin K2 – D3 and Calcium for Bone Health

I am often asked about bone health and supplements that help bone strength.  In mainstream medicine, there are several categories of drugs that can cause some of the most severe side-effects, and osteoporosis drugs are one of the worst offenders.  Because of that, many women are wondering what other options they may have to help […]

Tight Junctions, Blood-Brain Barriers & ION* Gut Support

Tight junctions are the seals between your cells which help to create defensive barriers at the gut, skin, and sinuses. When these tight junctions are damaged, they LEAK (i.e. leaky gut) and create all manner of dysfunctions in our bodies. Our tight junctions intelligently to keep toxins and foreign particles out of the blood stream while also […]

Are You Suffering with the Effects of Obesogens & Unaware? Let’s Fix That Today!

Obesogens are artificial chemicals that are found in various food containers, cookware and plastics. They have become known as a subset of hormone-disrupters.  There are 20 chemicals termed “Obesogens” since around 2006, but are you suffering the side-effects and totally unaware of it? The most common obesogens include phthalates (cosmetics, sunscreen, detergents), BPA (plastics, aluminum drink cans, bottles of cooking […]