You’re invited to join us at Clearview, Tuesday 2/20/24 5:30pm for our Eat to Live Well Workshop…this is a fun one where you get to come & learn but also get to sample some amazing high-phenolic olive oils from my recent trip to Greece and try some of my organic, home-milled & home-baked bread with it.

We’re going to discuss how you can move toward a whole-food, Biblically-based diet where your family is largely eating what looks as close to the naturally occurring food as possible. For example, a baked potato and a potato chip come from the same source, yet are worlds apart in their nutritional value for the human body. Same story with freshly milled flour from organic wheat berries vs. store-bought white bread made with enriched & bleached flour; iodized salt vs. Celtic sea salt; fruit snacks vs. whole organic raspberries; processed hotdogs vs. grass-fed burgers; free-range eggs vs. conventional store-bought eggs – it’s all about sources and choices and how to navigate these decisions for you and your family! This workshop is all about helping YOU to make these decisions with better certainty that what your choosing is the best thing!

We’ll cover the keto diet, carnivore diets and intermittent fasting as well. In addition, we’ll cover what needs to consider when you want to lose weight. So, you’re invited to come and join us…bring your questions! We’re here to help!