I’d like to invite you to our next Tuesday Night Wellness EAT WELL Workshop on February 20th, 5:30pm.  

Most of us are completely unaware of how food production in America has changed our lives and our health. We’ve unequivocally traded health for convenience, and now generational effects have taken hold.  Over 100 years ago, wheat mills were local and people made bread at home, milk was delivered to your house if you didn’t have your own mild cow, people raised their own gardens and their own animals for slaughter and raised backyard chickens for eggs.  Our soils knew nothing of chemicals like Round-up (which is actually classified as an antibiotic!!) and were full of nutrients which our bodies require. 

It’s incredible to witness how those simple, healthful ways of living and producing our own food are making a comeback in THIS generation, and it’s because we’re in desperate need to regain our health!!  

If you’ve ever attended my Eat Well workshop here at Clearview, you know my testimony of studying nutrition and wellness science for 20+ years, and the frustration I felt because there is always a new diet, and 3 different so-called experts will give you 3 different answers as to what you need to eat.  It is my firm and fervent, passionate belief after all this time, that the closer we can get to what the Bible mentions as food, the better off our health will be.  Afterall, the Creator of the human body knows what it needs, and He’s incredibly trustworthy!!  Avoid eating meats that the Bible says are not food (Leviticus 11, Deuteronomy 14).  Get chemicals out of your life and get good bacteria in by either fermented foods such as sauerkraut or take a high quality probiotic.  Look into milling your own grains (this is one of my favorite subjects, so if you need direction, I’d love to help!), order your milk raw from one of our amazing raw, organic dairies in our area, learn to make your own butter and cheese.  It will seem overwhelming at first, but pick something and start the journey to becoming more self-sufficient in the sense that you have a way to produce your own food & thrive!