Salt is found on every table in America, so could 1 simple change in what you buy at the grocery store make a difference in your health?  I would say emphatically, YES!! Here’s why:                

Nutritional Breakdown: The Key Differences between Iodized Table Salt and healthier alternatives like Celtic Grey Sea Salt and Redmond Salt from the ancient sea beds in Utah (this is what my family currently uses for cooking and baking) or Himalayan Pink from Pakistan.

  1. Mineral Content: Celtic Sea Salt is celebrated for its rich mineral content, including essential trace minerals, which are lacking in regular table salt. Unrefined Redmond “Real Salt” is sourced from ancient sea beds in Utah which deposited salt long before modern pollution was a factor. 
  2. Processing: Regular table salt undergoes processing that removes most of its natural minerals, while Celtic Sea Salt & Redmond Real Salt retain their natural mineral composition.  It has recently been found that some pink salts are contaminated with heavy metals from the mining process they undergo.  
  3. Additives: Table salt often contains anti-caking agents and added iodine which is linked with thyroid issues (anytime we see the Govt. make a decision to “enrich” or “fortify” something, just know they did that because the processing of that particular food stripped everything that was already God-given in it and the process of adding back artificial alternatives is NEVER good

You can use a pinch of the good salt (whichever you choose) in your water each morning for a mineral/electrolyte boost. For a full-spectrum mineral-electrolyte, look into BEAM minerals sourced from fulvic and humid acids found in ancient soils in Arizona. This is what my family uses daily for supplementation, and have had so many benefits. You can click here and use discount code DRSHARLA at checkout for 20% off online orders of BEAM today. We also have it available on the shelf at Clearview!