Chiropractic Adjustments Greatly Help the Immune System

Multiple research reviews over the years have supported that chiropractic adjustments can boost various aspects of the immune function in a very unique way.  (1 Click the numbers in parentheses for linked articles) Particularly, your neck & upper back are connected with your immune function! Specifically, Chiropractic has been clinically shown to: Promote the production of white blood […]

12 Cool Facts about Chiropractic that You Probably Didn’t Know

Studies show a spine with proper alignment is up to 16 times stronger than a subluxated (mis-aligned) spine. Loss of the healthy cervical (neck) curve stretches the spinal cord 5-7 cm and causes serious nerve interference…are YOU doing your neck stretches? Studies show that only 10% of our nervous system perceives pain. The other 90% […]

Your Sacrum & Your Coccyx

I got such a great response from my article of the week on “Your Upper Neck” that I decided every 3 weeks I will pick a specific part of your spine and tell you all about it. Most of you have probably figured out that each week I rotate between the themes of Real Faith […]

Get the Big Idea

“Get the Big Idea, and all else follows” –BJ Palmer, D.C. The Big Idea in Chiropractic, is that your body heals from Above-Down-Inside-Out. I’ll explain: Above meaning first: God is the Healer, He is the Creator. You have likely heard me say that God did not mess up His design in creation…how do our bodies […]

Need a Better Brain?

Did you know that getting adjusted actually helps your brain??? I hear people make comments all the time about how they need help in some area of their brain…It’s been discovered that getting your spine adjusted improves glucose metabolism in certain areas of the brain, WHICH MEANS: those parts of your brain are better able […]