“Get the Big Idea, and all else follows” –BJ Palmer, D.C.

The Big Idea in Chiropractic, is that your body heals from Above-Down-Inside-Out. I’ll explain:

Above meaning first: God is the Healer, He is the Creator. You have likely heard me say that God did not mess up His design in creation…how do our bodies get messed up? We all know the answer…by us.

Secondly: He designed your Brain to regulate ALL functions of your body. There is a hierarchy in the body, it is not by accident, God made the body to function from Above-Down.

Down means that your brain sends vital life-giving messages down your spinal cord to the rest of your body. Again, that is how the body heals!

Inside-Out means that your cells literally have the ability to overcome any dis-ease or dis-function at all, and without any drugs a very vast majority of the time!

We must make sure that we give our body what it needs in the way of our thinking/beliefs, nutrition, motion & spinal alignment, etc…



Getting the Big Idea means that you’re understanding that no drug or surgery can ever replace the daily lifestyle choices that your body needs you to make in order to express vibrant health! There is a BETTER WAY!  Our mission here at Clearview is to help you, your children, your grand-children & all your loved ones function the way that God made you to function. The Bible says our days are numbered, so who’s in for more Life in your years?  We love y’all so much!!!