I got such a great response from my article of the week on “Your Upper Neck” that I decided every 3 weeks I will pick a specific part of your spine and tell you all about it. Most of you have probably figured out that each week I rotate between the themes of Real Faith – Real Food – and Real Function…so for my Real Function articles we’re doing to dive into education about parts of your spine & why it matters that we keep ourselves well-adjusted (well-aligned)!

The Sacrum is the big upside down triangular shaped bone at the very base of your spine. Your coccyx (tailbone) is connected at the very bottom of your sacrum. They’re the most important bones for alignment during Pregnancy; this is why so many pregnant moms are now choosing to get adjusted throughout all 3 trimesters so that their babies can get into the right position for birth! It’s also imperative for everyone to make sure it’s aligned because it has to do with the following: your large intestine (colon); reproductive organs (male and female); all the muscles of your lower back, hips, thighs, legs, and feet; your sciatic nerve (the nerve that comes out of your lower back and goes down both legs); the sphincters of your rectum and bladder (huge implications with bed-wetting in kids and bladder control in adults); your SI joints (sacro-iliac) which connect your lower back to your pelvis; and your tailbone for obvious reasons (if you have pain when you sit, it’s highly likely that you’re coccyx is subluxated! And, the good news is, in most cases, your sacrum and coccyx can be adjusted back into alignment, restoring normal motion and function to all the nerves and organs that are affected!