After months of reading and researching, I’m going to share some legitimately important things #1 – you can take for daily prevention and #2 – natural things to do in case you get diagnosed with Covid!  I cannot make recommendations in the realm of treating Covid-19, nor am I attempting to, my goal is to give you information from trusted resources that are proving effective to help people recover.  Will these guarantee that you won’t get Covid or guarantee you’ll have no complications if you do get it?  NO…HOWEVER, your internal system will be incredibly well-prepared if you do these simple things.  These are recommendations from trusted natural healthcare experts around the US in addition to urgent care clinics getting fantastic results with Covid patients recovering well when they recommend these supplements after someone tests positive. This is information hard to come by in the mainstream media, which is why I am sharing these with you, because I care and I want you to be well-informed and your immune system well-prepared!  

New studies with Covid are finding that the people with individually or combined deficiencies in: Vitamin D, Melatonin, Glutathione and/or Zinc; end up having the most severe cases and difficulties with Covid.  People with suffient levels of these nutrients are tending to have milder cases.  You’ll find more info about these, in addition to several other important nutrients to consider with Covid below:  

Vitamin D3; a new study has shown that 80% of Covid cases are in people with Vitamin D deficiencies (especially common in winter months), so get your skin exposed to the direct sunshine, or take an excellent D3 supplement.  Vit. D3 prevents pro-inflammatory cytokines, thus helping prevent the “cytokine storm” occurring during Covid infections, according to the article below.  Great info on testing your Vit. D levels in this article as well:

Melatonin– It’s well known for helping people sleep, but it also enhances Vit. D signaling and works with Vit. D to enhance mitochondrial function (your mitochondria are your cell’s energy production centers), a recent study at the Cleveland Clinic is showing that hospitalized covid patients given higher doses of Melatonin are recovering at higher rates. I want you to have this info, but supplementing Melatonin can be tricky, so I don’t recommend this highly unless you really need it (i.e. you’re hospitalized with covid), or have trouble sleeping in general.

Glutathione; a powerful antioxidant; Foods that have had a positive impact on glutathione production include cruciferous vegetables (broccoli cauliflower, kale), whey protein, grass-fed beef, also green tea, curcumin, & rosemary. Getting quality sleep may also help your levels! Glutathione deficiency is linked to more severe cases of covid. It helps optimize Vit. D levels

ZincZinc gluconate, zinc acetate and zinc sulfate have all been shown to reduce the severity and duration of viral infections such as the common cold.  Supplementing Zinc is well known by now to help prevent and treat covid. The problem is that zinc is largely insoluble and cannot easily enter through the fatty wall of your cells. Getting all the way into the cell is crucial, as this is where the viral replication occurs. This is why zinc ionophores are so important. Aside from hydroxychloroquine, other natural and safer zinc ionophores include Quercetin (see next bullet point).  Around 30mg/day is a standard adult dose.

Quercetin; this is a nutrient that does 2 important things relating to Covid, 1st–  it helps the body absorb Zinc & 2nd–  it’s a strong antiviral in its own right; Quercetin lowers the severity of viral infections, it’s an anti-histamine & an anti-inflammatory.  250-500mg twice daily.

**The side effects of hydroxychloroquine caused the FDA to warn against use outside the hospital (do with that information what you will). HOWEVER, Quercetin and Zinc are a legitimate alternative without dangerous side effects when used appropriately

Vitamin K2; K2 is critical for proper absorption of Vitamin D3, D3 is critical for immunity, so take K2 along with your D3…which you’ve heard me say often.  This is not by any means new info!  Taking anywhere from 100-320mcg of K2/day is sufficient.

Vitamin C; They are using this through IV in many places for hospitalized covid patients, but you can take Vit. C at home.  If you’re sick, you can take 3,000 mg of Vit. C each hour until you have watery stool. Better yet, taking Liposomal Vitamin C will greatly help your immune system & won’t affect your bowel movements. If you’re interested you can get my full article below about using Vit. C for prevention and treating any threat to your immune system.

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On a personal note, I want you to be informed of natural ways to protect yourself without feeling that a vaccine is your best option.  With everything in me, I am encouraging you to think and pray long and hard about whether you take a vaccine that has been in production for such an incredibly short time with VERY, VERY little testing; typically, it takes many years, not only a few monthsfor a vaccine to be approved for mass use.