Several weeks ago, I wrote an article containing a quote from a well-known doctor who studies the amazing effects of Vitamin C on toxins in our bodies. Not only can it rid your body of toxins but viruses and bacterial infections, and cleanse your liver as well. Today we’re going to focus on a really practical regimen you can undergo when you are actively sick or as a preventative measure in supporting your immune system.  Any amount of Vitamin C can be helpful, but what really counts is the dose, frequency and duration of taking it that begins to take a long-term positive effect on lowered immunity and even chronic disease.  Supplying your body with this incredibly important anti-oxidant addresses oxidative stress and inflammation which is at that core of most chronic diseases.  These strategies can be effective in the short-term, for example, if you feel like you are getting sore throat or have been exposed to the flu, you can do a Vitamin C flush (directions below) for several days in a row.  You can also make large doses of Vitamin C a regular practice to support your immune system preventatively.  Below you will find the same Vitamin C regimens that I use personally. The only caution I would give is IF you currently have kidney disease, large doses of Vitamin C are not a good idea, you just have to really scale back the doses.

Least expensive routeThe Vitamin C Flush

Adult Directions:  On an empty stomach take 5,000 mg Sodium Ascorbatepowder (the best form of Vitamin C, try to avoid Calcium Ascorbate); repeat hourly until you have watery stool.  This type of diarrhea is cleansing, it doesn’t mean you’re getting sick!  You are actually flooding your system with so much water-soluble Vitamin C, that is how your body will get rid of excess, and you’ll know you’ve had enough for the day.  Fast from solid foods until you reach bowel tolerance. Repeat daily as you have the ability.  If you need to go to work or leave your house that day, doing a Vitamin C Flush would notbe a great idea. In most cases, after just 1 day of doing a Vitamin C Flush you will notice that you feel better.  When you’re sick, do this daily!  If you’re just wanting to give your immune system great support and you have the ability to be near a restroom, do it as often as you like. It is not uncommon that you could take upwards of 30,000 mg/day if your body is in extra need of immune support.  Personally, I took 25,000mg the first Vitamin C flush I did in December. You could potentially flush after the first dose.  Everyone is different.  If you can’t do a full flush, you can start each day with a single dose of 5,000mg of Vitamin C powder on an empty stomach at least 10 min before you eat anything.

Recommended Brand: Bronson Vitamin C Pure Ascorbic Acid Soluble Fine Crystals Non-GMO; 2.2 lb tub on Amazon for $30 (gives you 800,000 mg of Vitamin C) so it’s very inexpensive!

Adaptations for children:  Vitamin C can even be given to kids (even babies if they are sick). Bowel tolerance is your gauge to know if they’ve had enough.  Depending on the situation and age of child, in cases of sick children 2+ I would recommend giving 1,000 mg Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) mixed in a very small amount of juice every hour until they have loose stool.  Children under 2 you need to consult me directly for proper dosage.  For maintenance, kids can take the Vitamin C powder daily anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000mg.  Always start with the lowest dose and work up to more even when doing maintenance.  For example if you want to get your kids on regular Vitamin C to help their immunity, start with 1,000 mg/day and work up to 3,000mg/day.  If they get loose stool stop at that dose and back off just a little for maintenance.

More expensive/More convenient routeLiposomal Vitamin C

Adult Directions: Liposomal Vitamin C means that the Vitamin C is attached to a liposome (a fat molecule) which allows its transport directly into diseased or sick cells and the circulating immune cells without the consumption of energy and without going through the digestive tract, i.e. no diarrhea. Thus, it’s more convenient because you can take this without needing to be near a restroom a good portion of the day. Dosage: take between 1,000 and 5,000mg daily; if you’re wanting to do just a maintenance 1,000mg/day; if you’re sick or have an active chronic disease take 5,000mg/day.  Truly, Vitamin C is not going to hurt, only help, so if you feel like you need the upper end go for it.  The only setback is this route is pricey, i.e. $30 for a bottle with 24,000 mg total (this can be special ordered for you).  Recommended Brand: Quicksilver Scientific brand Liposomal Vitamin C

Adaptations for children:  Liposomal Vitamin C is also safe and effective for kids, just like using the powder for a Vitamin C flush.  Dosage for kids should be between 1,000 and 3,000 mg/day.

Dr. Sharla’s personal Regimen:  I do Vitamin C flushes at least 2-3 days per week as I’m able.  On days I can’t, I start the day with a single dose of 5,000mg Vitamin C.  I also take 3,000mg of Liposomal Vitamin C daily.

Great Article from Dr. Thomas Levy for more information & research:

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