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There is no time like the present to build your immune system!  Clearly, in the world we find ourselves in today, mid-August, 2020, this subject has our attention more than ever.  We’re all exposed to different bacteria and viruses on a daily basis, this is how it’s always been.  Our bodies were not created to live void of things that challenge our immune system. Consider something with me for a moment: 4 people live in a house, 2 get __________ (insert any type of infection, i.e. Flu A, Covid-19) and the other 2 people do not.  Why?  My answer: 2 people’s systems could get rid of it without manifesting the symptoms of the disease and 2 couldn’t.  So, what makes a person’s immune system strong enough to accomplish fighting it off?  It’s when it has to work and overcome.  This is why sterile environments do not build our immune systems.  So, just consider this with me for a moment…if we are living or working or shopping in indoor environments that are constantly being “disinfected” or wearing masks; are our immune systems being challenged and built sufficiently?  I truly don’t think so.  So, what can we actually do about it?   We have to give our systems what they need in order to sustain and build our immunity and minimize the things that cause our immunity to plummet. Let me give you just a few examples of things that can either build or kill your immunity:

Immune System Builders: Vitamin C, Probiotics, Zinc, Garlic, Vitamin D3, Turkey Tail Mushrooms, Olive Leaf, Oregano, and Astaxanthin; fresh air; sunshine on your skin; good sleep; moving your body; and laughter/good conversation!  

Immune System Killers: sugar; GMO foods (the most common are corn, wheat and soy); processed foods; antibiotics; emotional stress/worry/fear; lack of sunshine; sedentary lifestyle; lack of meaningful conversation and laughter.