We all have patterns and habits (and even addictions in some cases) when it comes to food and our relationship with it.  So, what are your patterns?  Do you stay disciplined to limit junk food?  Do you pay attention whether you’re taking in too many toxins?  Do you make sure you get enough nutrient-dense foods on a daily basis?  Do you have any awareness of what foods your body may be sensitive to?  

I’m a huge believer that food *CAN* but SHOULDN’T become an ‘idol’ in our lives, i.e. taking a place of much too high importance and controlling our lives.  YET, there are few things that can affect our health MORE than what we’re actually putting into our body each day!!  Our bad habits can create havoc in our health; our addictions to sugar can crash our immune systems & create diabetes; our choices to over-eat can create excessive wear & tear on joints because of carrying extra body weight.  Inflammation caused by toxicity in our bodies can make you ache all over & cause your cholesterol numbers to rise.  So, today, take some time to ask yourself these questions we started this article with.  Give your body what it needs to thrive and take away what’s creating more problems than it’s worth…trust me, life is better and easier when you’re healthier!!  

Which picture matches your daily habits best? Small steps each day can make a massive difference in your health. Less grains/sugars/processed foods…more good fats, clean meats, and fruits and veggies from the Clean 15 List, avoiding the Dirty Dozen