Please take the time to read this in its entirety, if you’re going to read it at all, I pray it will be worth your time.  I genuinely want you to hear things that could potentially be life-saving.  Let’s begin with a disclaimer because of the nature of the subject matter at hand. I am NOT giving medical advice about Covid, I am NOT telling you that if you do these things that you’re guaranteed NOT to contract a coronavirus or any variant thereof.  My goal is not to convince you of what medical decisions to make for you and your family, my goal is for you to hear important information that helps YOU make informed choices. It’s the same information that gives me confidence that me and my family will not die from Covid; you deserve to have that information, too, what you do with it is 100% up to you.  What I am going to share with you is what is working clinically for people and what tendencies have been observed over the past 18 months that would make certain individuals more susceptible to struggling with Covid-19 more than others. This information is NOT available to you through the mainstream media or even mainstream medicine, and those who are attempting to share this information are being heavily censored by the current US Government and social media platforms. 

In my humble opinion, the Delta variant is not going to go away, and very likely there will only be more strains coming down the line…so what can YOU do?  Take care of your immune system.  It’s your body’s defense mechanism that will help you the most when dealing with any virus, bacteria, or disease.  And YOUR lifestyle choices WILL determine how strongly your immune system functions. Wearing masks, living in highly sterilized environments without encountering naturally occurring viruses and bacteria in the outside world, and being in an emotional state of fear/worry/anxiety can cause your immune system to tank even if you’re taking all the right supplements (although they will certainly help your body deal with your environment either way).  My appeal today is for you to use your own critical thinking skills and not merely information you’re being fed purposely through mass media.  

I’m sharing here my original article I wrote on 11/29/2020, where I discuss the vital role of sufficient levels of Vitamin D, glutathione, melatonin, quercetin, zinc and otherswhen facing Covid-19, these things are still critically important but I won’t go into detail about those here. In addition to this information, I want to add 3 more considerations for supplementation.  I will be sharing a list of supplement recommendations at the end with approximate doses, but fight the temptation to skip to the end.  

#1 Vitamin C–  I know I write about this a lot, but I’ll continue JFor prevention purposes, I recommend most Adults taking anywhere from 5,000mg up to 10,000mg/day in at least 3 doses, according to bowel tolerance.  Fair warning, if you do it all at once, you won’t be able to leave the bathroom for a while. Vitamin C will not build up to toxic levels in the human body, it WILL cause diarrhea when you’ve reached your maximum need.  Therefore, I recommend taking 3 doses of 3,000 mg/day of Vitamin C for maintenance, which gives you sufficient Vitamin C without causing loose stool. If you reach loose stool at any point, you’ve had enough and your body is just purging the excess.  The most affordable form is Ascorbic Acid, and I recommend buying it in bulk powder form.  If you get sick and are having symptoms, in addition to the powder, take at least 3,000mg of Liposomal Vitamin C/day, which is more readily taken up by your cells because it’s attached to a fat molecule.

#2 Magnesium– Adults 300-500mg/day; Children 6-12 yrs = up to 300mg/day; Children 2-5 yrs = up to 200mg/day depending on bowel tolerance; Magnesium is very similar to Vitamin C in that you can’t get to toxic levels, your body will just get diarrhea when you’ve reached your maximum need.  If at any dose you reach loose stool, back it off the next day by 100mg.  You can take Mg+ via your skin, which won’t put you at risk of loose stool, by using Magnesium lotion or oil!  Magnesium l-Threonate is a great form to supplement or Magnesium Citrate.  A vast majority of people are Mg deficient, and Mg is one of the most important minerals our body must have to function properly. 

#3 Selenium– Not to exceed 200 micrograms/day for Adults, children 2-12 yrs old 100 micrograms/day. Sufficient amounts of Selenium can be reached for adults by eating just 2 Brazil nuts per day and kids 1 Brazil nut per day!  Your bone marrow produces white blood cells, Selenium helps your bone marrow produce white blood cells which play a massive role in your immunity!

Briefly let me mention things that will kill your immunity: emotional stress, sugar, eating processed food instead of real food, bad posture, bad spinal alignment particularly the neck and mid-back, lack of sunshine and fresh air, and lack of proper nutritrients to fuel your immune system.

Now, let’s talk about the vaccine. Whether you’ve taken it or not, or whether you’re faced with losing your job, or whether you’re someone who really believes everyone should take it and not ask questions, even if you think people like me are the problem… please INFORM yourself.  It’s still not FDA approved at this point.  There still are not adequate safety measures in place, animal trials were not completed before mass vaccination of humans began.  Now 3rd rounds are beginning with zero testing performed on multiple boosters.  We have NO idea what the long-term effects will be, but we do have a very long list of harmful side effects that have been reported to the VAERS website by both patients and doctors. Now we are hearing regularly that children and pregnant women are being urged to take this vaccine.  Please, please, please, with all of my heart and every ounce of fervor I can muster in my being, if you are PREGNANT or you if have a CHILD, please do not consent to having a covid-19 vaccine.  At best, it’s still an experiment.  At worst, the potentials are disturbing.  This may anger people that I’m saying this and I may be on someone list to censor next, but with all my heart, I do not care if I offend as long as I inspire someone to stop & use critical thinking and perhaps save 1 person, especially a child (born or unborn) from a horrific side-effect of being subjected to this. We already know enough to know it’s not safe for children and pregnant women from adverse events that have been reported to VAERS (which IS open to pubic viewing at, and the authorities are still pressing this issue. 

We know that people who are fully covid-vaccinated are still contracting the virus whether you hear this on the nightly news or not.  These things I’m suggesting will help your immune system whether you’ve taken ZERO doses of the vaccine or 1 or 2 doses.  We have to face the reality that the vaccine may or may not be effective against the orginal strain, much less against the different variants of Covid-19.  More doses of experimental vaccines are not going to make this go away.  More doses of experimental vaccines are not going to get you “back to normal.” 

Let me also assure you that there are effective treatments for Covid-19 available.  So, next let’s talk about what to do if you are beginning to have symptoms of Covid-19:  

Prescription Ivermectin and Hydrocholorquinone have been proven clinically to work for treating Covid, if you take them early enough.  Most complications with Covid-19 are occurring when patients get tested and are sent home with NO treatment until they’re too far gone, at which point they’re admitted to the hospital and along with co-morbidities the body succumbs, which is criminal that these proper supplements and medications are not being used widespread in America at the onset of every Covid diagnosis. There are a number of responsible, conscientious MD’s and DO’s in Granbury and our surrounding area who ARE willing to prescribe these medicines; if your doctor won’t, then I highly recommend finding a doctor who will.  There are also doctors who will prescribe the necessary medication over the phone or via telehealth calls, which I will share at the end.  In my opinion (which you are certainly free to listen to or ignore), there is truly no need to expose yourself to a potentially dangerous (per the side effects reported to VAERS), experimental, FDA authorize for emergency-use vaccine when effective treatments are available right now. ( the emergency-use authorization of the 3 covid vaccines, which is not a regular FDA approval.

The monoclonal antibody-infusion is another option if you happen to be admitted to the hospital for Covid-19, but it’s strictly limited to high-risk individuals.  Again, the VERY BEST option is to get treatment at the beginning point of your symptoms, and GIVE YOUR BODY WHAT IT NEEDS in order to fight this virus.  We would all much rather recover at home without ever needing to go to the hospital!!  

Many, many MD’s, DO’s and Naturopaths have shared their protocols in different ways, I want to share one of those protocols with you here from www.drbrownstein.comand his book called “A Holistic Approach to Viruses.”  This is for someone who is having covid symptoms particularly issues with breathing and fatiguing extremely easily. *If you are having trouble breathing to the point that your oxygen levels are below a safe level, going to the hospital for oxygen treatment is of course the right thing to do. But, if your O2 levels are within a safe level and you’re still having trouble breathing, this protocol is an option:

-Nebulizing a very specific recipe of Hydrogen Peroxide and Saline; this article gives great details and a specific recipe for nebulizing:

Dr. David Brownstein’s protocol from A Holistic Approach to Viruses, David Brownstein, M.D.:

– Vitamin A 100,000 units/day for 4 days

– Vitamin C until bowel tolerance is reach (following instructions above 5,000mg/hr on the hour)

– Vitamin D3 50,000 units/day for 4 days

– Iodine 50-100 mg/day until you’re feeling better

Dr. Peter McCollough is a trusted source of information for treating covid effectively.

Dr. Zev Zelenko has Covid-19 protocols listed on his website here:

Here are basic immune system strengthening/protecting recommendations for Daily Prevention, this is what I take daily so these are adult doses: 

5,000 IU Vitamin D3 (unless you know you’re deficient by blood test, then you can and should take much higher doses)

5,000mg Vitamin C (taken in 2-3 doses per day, see additional instructions above)

up to 200 MICROgrams Selenium

200mg Quercetin

30mg Zinc (always take with food, taking on empty stomach will cause nausea; Zinc Picolinate with Copper is the best)

Other helpful sources you will not find on mainstream media outlets and or social media because of US Govt. censorship:      This is a website with incredible information from Medical Doctors all over America who are in opposition to how this “pandemic” has been handled medically. You can also schedule a telemedicine appt with them and have them send medication directly to your home from their pharmacy after you fill out a form and pay $90.  You can read all about this on the website.          Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is an attorney dedicated to uncovering the truth about toxic exposures of  children through vaccines, environment, big tech, big pharma, big food, etc.           Dr. Mercola is a renowed D.O. outspoken against the current protocols for treating Covid-19 in America, his website is a wealth of information.  

If you saw the White House press secretary’s update 2 wks ago you’ll recognize some of these people in the federal govt’s “Disinformation Dozen.”  You decide for yourself if it’s in the best interest of the American people to censor medical professionals who are on the front lines of treating and helping people overcome this virus with prescription medications and with supplements.  Personally, I’ll confidently go with their recommendations over Fauci and the powers that be, and put my trust fully in the LORD Yeshua the Messiah. Love y’all, thanks for listening. I pray you’ll never have to make hard decisions regarding covid, I pray you and your family stay well and in good health, and I also pray in the event that you encounter this or any other virus that you’ll have incredible wisdom to know what to do and when.