This information directly affects YOU as a Chiropractic patient.  Currently in Texas, there is a lawsuit where the Texas Medical Association (TMA) has sued Chiropractors to remove our right to diagnose.  If they have their way, it will mean that every person must see an MD first and ‘if’ that MD decides to, they ‘could’ refer you to a Chiropractor.  They are trying to remove your freedom to see a Chiropractor directly. Currently, Chiropractors are primary care physicians in the state of Texas, which means you and anyone you know are free to walk into a Chiropractor’s office and get adjusted if and when you desire.  If the TMA has their way, you will no longer have this right!  This is a very, very serious threat.  Texas is the first & only state where this lawsuit against Chiropractors has happened and it currently sits in the appeals process.  We, as Texas Chiropractors, are linking arms and doing all that we can to fight, appeal, and get the decision overturned…SO THAT we all can still see a Chiropractor freely.  I am a Chiropractic patient just like you.  This fight is well underway, but we need your help!  There is an important avenue you can take to show your support and give your input:

Sign our Petition HERE  

I assure you that we will keep you informed on any other developments in this issue!  I will be going to Austin on February 9th to stand with other Chiropractic patient advocates so our voices can be heard by the legislators.