(don’t worry…I’m PRO-deodorant!  It just has to be the right kind)

First things first. Why do we sweat? To regulate our temperature. To get rid of toxins. It’s not by accident, in fact no function in the human body is, because it was designed by a Designer who knew what He was doing! And IF you’re body is dys-functioning (i.e. unwanted symptoms, lethargy, cognitive impairment,+ 1 million other examples…), we need to immediately start asking questions about WHY our body is acting in this way, where our FIRST answers should be our lifestyle choices & environment (both internal & external)…instead of asking “how can we stop the body from acting this way?” If we’re going to get healthier as a nation, we have to start asking the right questions where our health is concerned! Now. Back to antiperspirants…

So, my next questions are: Do YOU think it’s healthy to STOP the natural process of sweating?   And do you then think it’s healthy to stop the natural process of sweating with a man-made chemical? Here are a few of the common active ingredients in antiperspirants: Aluminum chloride, Aluminum zirconium tricholorohydrex glycine, Aluminum chlorohydrate, and Aluminum hydroxybromide.

Yum, right? See, that’s the way we should look at anything we put onto our skin, especially in sensitive areas like our armpits. If you wouldn’t eat it, it REALLY shouldn’t go on your skin because it gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Aluminum has been linked to cancer (especially Breast…guess which lymphnodes are affected most in breast cancer?), to estrogen-mimicking activities in the body, to dementia & alzheimer’s disease.

My recommendation? Ditch the antiperspirants & switch to a safe and healthy deodorant! RealPurity.com, TheCrystal.com & PrimalPitPaste.com brands are super-effective and good for you!