First things first: What is connective tissue?  It’s the tissue in our bodies that supports structures like our spinal column and organs, it connects the bones of different joints together and muscles to the joints which they move.  We know connective tissue most commonly as tendons, ligaments, discs, bone and cartilage; even fat tissue is connective tissue. Connective tissues can be injured by bad posture, overuse over a long period of time with repetitive motions, sports injuries and degeneration.  One of our best tools to keep connective tissues “un-stressed” and healing properly is to be properly aligned by getting adjusted!  

Secondly, SoftWave is our other amazing treatment option. SoftWave’s revolutionary technology has clearance from the FDA for the activation of connective tissue…using these amazing sound waves, we can help to repair damaged tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues, resulting in restored function and reduced pain!  When people are in pain, it usually affects a significant portion of their daily life or interrupts sleep.  One of my biggest goals here at Clearview is to be able to provide a way to truly RESTORE the body to proper function and give you the tools you need to fully recover and ability to do the things you’re passionate about! Connective tissues are rich in nerve endings, which makes it even more important to get these tissues into a state of strength and repair.  Click here to find out more about SoftWave!

Third, specific nutrients play a key role in the recovery of normal connective tissue function.  Eating foods rich in collagen like bone broth (ideally made from free-range chicken or grass-fed beef), or taking a liquid or powdered collagen supplement can be super helpful in recovery (my favorite powdered Colla-GEN is OrthoMolecular, which we have available at Clearview) +BONUS it can help your skin get healthier, too. Specific digestive enzymes like Garden of Life’s Wobenzym is a great additional support for your connective tissues as they heal!  And as always…real food over processed food everyday, extended fasting hours from 13-17 hours of fasting activated your bodies healing power and cutting out toxic oils like vegetable, sunflower, or cheap olive oils by switching to high quality olive oil or avocado oil.