For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster,to give you a future and a hope.

(Jeremiah 29:11, New Living Translation)

Are there situations and circumstances in your life that you don’t understand?  Surely, I cannot be the only one!  There are so many things that we DO NOT KNOW, and yet there is a loving God who sees everything we don’t see.  He KNOWS everything we don’t KNOW.  He is always right, and always good, and always filled with grace, power, holiness and He redeems even the worst of circumstances if we will just trust Him.  I want to challenge you to pray today…even if you haven’t spoken to God in years or maybe never before.  Ask Him what He thinks.  Ask Him for wisdom, have the faith just to ask Him to show up in your current circumstance today.  I assure you with all of my being and all of my fervor, the God of the Universe already knows what you are thinking anyway, He knows your heart and He can handle your question!

Have you ever heard of a “doubting Thomas”?  That name comes from one of Jesus’ own disciples after he heard Jesus had come back to life on the 3rd day after being stone-cold dead…Thomas told the other disciples that he wouldn’t believe Jesus was alive unless he saw His scars for himself.  The next time Jesus appeared to His disciples He walked straight up to Thomas and invited him to prove for himself that it was true.  Jesus didn’t make fun of Thomas, He didn’t yell at him for what he had said behind Jesus’ back.  Jesus merely said to Thomas, “Don’t be faithless any longer.  Believe!” God knows your questions and your struggles and sees your heart, just like He saw Thomas’s.  We can’t earn our way to Heaven, but Jesus provides a way if we will only surrender and believe.  I know someone reading this needs to believe today!  Understand that the God of the Universe wants to give you a HOPE that you’ve never had before!

(Read about Jesus & Thomas in John 20:24-29)