Kids are more prone to ear infections than adults because the Eustachian tube (the tube between the ear and throat) is still relatively level, unlike an adult with a mature skull which elongates the tube and causes gravity to help with drainage into the back of the throat. This tube is made of muscle and that muscle is supplied, like everything else, by a nerve.  As long as that nerve can supply the small muscle, it pumps the fluid between the ear and throat flawlessly.  Here is where it gets important:  If there is a subluxation (a bone out of alignment) in the upper cervical spine (neck), it can put increased pressure and stress on that nerve, causing the muscle not to pump the fluid out.

Here’s an analogy I like to use that helps to explain it: We’re going to use the analogy of a swimming pool…If you flip the switch off on the pump of a swimming pool it will obviously quit pumping.  If that water sits still long enough without moving it will become stagnant and turn green.  Similarly, the fluid in your ears can become infected if it isn’t drained properly. Now what should we do about this problem?  Unfortunately, in many cases the first course of treatment for many people is antibiotics. I equate that to throwing shock or chlorine in the pool. Usually it will seemingly clear up the problem. BUT, if you don’t turn the pump back on the water is still not moving and thus the problem was not really addressed. In a few more days it will likely be green again. This is why ear infections treated with antibiotics often become chronic, recurring infections.


Some go back and get another round of antibiotics. If that doesn’t work you are most likely looking at putting tubes in the ears, but many parents are opting for other methods of caring for ear infections!   When I have a patient (adult or child) with ear infections I carefully evaluate the upper neck and adjust any that are subluxated, thus taking the pressure off the nerve and addressing the root cause of the infection in the first place.  We also look at what the patient is eating…things like Sugar, Wheat products, and dairy products encourage and increase the growth of fungus & other infections within the body.  We MUST change the way we eat, if we want our bodies & our children’s bodies to work the way God intended!