Stress encompasses many different avenues…it’s not just mental stress that can wear us down!  Did you know there are chemical & physical stresses as well?  Chemical stress could be from the foods we eat or things we drink, pollution or toxins we’re exposed to regularly, medications, etc.  Physical stresses could be traumas, surgeries, bad posture habits and subluxation (you know, when you’re out of alignment).  The interesting thing is that all 3 of these stress-types will set off the fight-flight response of your body.  The sympathetic nervous system is designed to get you out of danger…one way or another by rapidly changing the chemistry of your blood, changing the functionality of your muscles, and giving you a chance at survival until the threat goes away…but the world we live in is full of CHRONIC STRESSORS.  Those are the stresses that don’t quickly go away.  If you’re under chronic stress of any kind, you’re body doesn’t go back into its normal cycle of “rest and digest” (the parasympathetic nervous system).  Normal rhythm is to have short spans of time in “fight or flight” then your body comes back into “rest and digest”…but guess what happens in chronic stress!  Right. You don’t move properly into “rest and digest” and THAT is where the body recovers and heals.

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