This pattern of imbalance in the body creates joint dysfunctions, particularly at the atlanto-occipital joint (this is where your skull and neck meet), the C4-C5 spinal segment, cervicothoracic joint (the location where people begin to feel like they’re getting a ‘hump’ at the bottom of their neck and top of the upper back, thegleno-humeral joint (the ball joint of the shoulder), and the T4-T5 spinal segment (right between your shoulder blades).

What activities to you do on a daily basis that create this sort of posture in your neck and upper back?

Adjustments can do SO MUCH for the functionality of those joints mentioned above, and the nerves effected by those joints. Still, you MUST do something about the muscle weakness and muscle tension that lead to this posture!  The YTWL stretches, wall stretches, and neck stretches that we give out regularly vastly effect these muscle imbalances, thereby improving your chances of overcoming this bad posture and the health effects that result from it!!