I love a fresh start, don’t you?  No better time than the present to implement some things that you can do RIGHT NOW that will inevitably have a positive effect on how you feel & function in your mind, in your heart, and in your body tomorrow.  I want to remind you of some things we’ve discussed in these weekly articles over the past year.  It’s funny how sometimes we can do something for a season then forget about it and get distracted moving along to something else.  These things are staples in my own health journey; I pray they help you!

  • IMMUNE SYSTEM!!   Your gut is such a huge key to immunity, eat fermented foods like organic kefir or sauerkraut, raw milk, probiotics, ION Gut Support. Also – Vit. C, Garlic, Elderberry, Vit. D3, & Zinc
  • SPINE & POSTURE!!  Get adjusted regularly & Do your posture exercises every time you brush your teeth (stop by the front desk if you need the instructions); always pay attention to your body positioning
  • STRENGTH!!  Lift weights 3-4 times/wk, hire a trainer if you need help, but you can simply get some dumbbells and commit to strengthening your muscles, do squats, do push-ups(even against the counter top)
  • FAITH!! Start your day giving thanks to the LORD for everything you can think of, pray, read your Bible
  • TENSION!!  Foam Rolling, Massage Therapy, daily stretching (you get stiff…and that makes you old); Breathing exercises can help you relax, and increase O2 to your cells; Soak in Epsom salt 2x/wk
  • SLEEP!!  Wear blue light-blocking glasses for when the sun goes down or turn all screens off at least 1 hour before bed, no caffeine after 3pm, make the room a little cooler
  • FOOD &HYDRATION !! Eat clean…focus on real, whole foods; cut the processed & artificial junk; drink water with lemon, no additives, get enough salt/minerals, electrolytes are KEY to keeping you hydrated

There’s nothing left to do but to do it…and we’re here to support you, cheer you on & help you however we possibly can!!