Prolonged sitting is so hard on your spine and causes imbalances in muscle tightness, which you feel from the back of your head to the lower back.  Not only does it effect your body physically, but it effects your overall blood sugar and stress hormones which lead to weight-gain.  

A study was recently published in April on taking obese males who have jobs where they sit all day, and the results of just a few changes are pretty awesome!  They took these men and had 1 group do a single 30-minute walk mid-day.  The 2nd group got up from their chair every 45 minutes during their work day and did either a 3-minute walk OR 10 squats.  The group who did the movement every 45 minutes had a huge benefit in their blood sugar levels when compared to the group who just did a 30-minute walk all at one time.  

Here’s what I’m thinking…what about all the people who sit a desks all day and do neither?  What about those who sit on their bed or in a recliner all day and do not utilize their muscles?  We were NEVER meant to sit all day!  If you want to regain your health, start by moving your body.  10 squats every 45 minutes of your day would do wonders for your balance, your blood sugar, your stress and mental clarity.  A 3-minute walk around your office or house every 45 minutes would create a way for your body to use up excess blood sugar and protect your heart, lungs, and pancreas.  

Get moving today because it’s worth it!! 

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