As this year draws to a close, it’s so good to reflect on the past 12 months and move forward with even more gratitude and purpose in 2019.  Did you know that 1 out of every 2 people you see at Clearview is part of a whole family that gets adjusted here. But, WHY? Why everyone? Why regularly?  Why for your whole life?  My answer: because life happens.  We are all busy, we all have stresses, we each do something (or several things) every single day that defeat good posture and good alignment and good health, if we’re honest.  And that’s not just adults either!  I have a 6 yr-old, and while adjusting him back when he was 4, I told him his neck was out of alignment and he said, “Why, Momma?”  My answer was another question, “Why do you think your neck is out, Buddy?”  He quickly said, “Because I jump off the couch really high!”  And there you have it, my friends! Your answer may be different than that…but you get my point 😉 The on-going-ness of health and healing is just part of life.  We cannot quit nor can we give up! We can’t grow weary in doing good or there will inevitably be consequences.  The glorious part is that we are free to choose.  No matter how you choose to approach Chiropractic care, you are welcome here!  I take care of people every week who haven’t been adjusted in years, but they finally decided they’re ready to come regularly because they’re tired of being sick and tired.  Whenever you come to the realization, it matters not to me, we’re here!  We are here to help you get well again and again, OR help you stay well with regular adjustments this year, and next year, and God-willing, 15 years from now…I hope to convince you that this is such a wonderful choice that even if you move away, I get the privilege of helping you find another Chiropractor wherever it is that you’re going! The bottom line is that we’re extremely thankful for you and for your family members and friends whom you have referred to come here.  We love and appreciate each of the amazing people we get to see!