I want to share with you an excerpt from an interview with a leading expert in the field of natural health, Dr. Thomas Levy, who has written several books on the powerful effects of Vitamin C on healing our bodies from the oxidative stresses we are exposed to regularly from environmental to the foods we eat/drink, & mental stresses, etc.                        

How can Vitamin C help us with the presence of all these toxins that were exposed to today?

LEVY: Well, I would say by 3 primary mechanisms. And I’ll 
list them;

1)vitamin C is a direct anti-toxin;

2)vitamin C
 can get into the cell, and detox enzymes and make them more potent; and

3)vitamin C stimulates and supports the immune system which promotes all of that in at least 20 different ways.

And all of this is in the literature. But it’s important first and foremost to realize that all toxins; 100% are pro-oxidant in nature. They either directly oxidize something, or they cause something to be oxidized. Oxidation (which is the loss of electrons or biomolecules) is what disease is. There’s a lot of literature out there that says, “this disease has increased oxidative stress, or oxidative stress causes this.” Not technically, the oxidative stress doesn’t cause the disease; the oxidative stress isthe disease. A biomolecule can’t give Alzheimer’s or Lou Gehrig’s or any of these things. All that one single bio molecule could do is either be reduced with a normal amount of electrons and begin to function, or it’s oxidized and dysfunctional, or has no function at all. And when you get billions upon trillions of these biomolecules 
in different combinations in different tissues and different concentrations, the degree of oxidation in all those locations, that determines your unique disease. But disease is oxidation. Vitamin C is the prototypical antioxidant, and it allows the repair.So, when you have a lot of diseases and you 
don’t have ongoing toxin-intake, provoking it worse every day, you can oftentimes expect a complete clinical resolution aka cure, if enough of the previously oxidized biomolecules, enzymes, nucleic acids, proteins, sugars, fats, if those can be brought from their oxidized state back to their reduced state, you can regain completely normal function and a complete clinical resolution of a disease no matter how irreversible it was thought to be.

I will share some of his Vitamin C protocols in the coming weeks, because I believe this is a simple, effective and inexpensive way to help our bodies overcome all the oxidative toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.