Our Schedule will look a little different over the next 5 weeks!!!

Please SCHEDULE your appointments with us ahead of time and make sure you get TEXT or EMAIL reminders, if your normal adjustment time is effected. Below are the days we’re CLOSED over the next 5 weeks and a little explanation of the reason why.  Below that, you will also find a calendar that also lists dates and times we will be both CLOSED and OPEN.   

Each Fall, my family and I celebrate the Feasts (Holidays or Holy Days) listed in the Bible!  These are holidays much older than any of those on our American Calendars; to find these holidays, you have to look into the Bible and to a Hebrew Calendar.  This may be freaking some of you out already, but actually these holidays are some of the most fascinating and wonderful ways to get to know God and His purposes on earth even better. Surprisingly, most Christians never even heard about these important Biblical days!  So if you care to learn, I’ll share some neat things about these Feasts that God set up for His people to REMEMBER Him and to REMEMBER His goodness. Exactly like the Spring feasts of Passover, First Fruits, Unleavened Bread and Shavuot (Pentecost) were fulfilled with the first coming of the Messiah (Jesus Christ), the Fall feasts really seem to point to the prophecies that will be fulfilled when He Returns!  Since He has not returned YET, we think it’s very important not to ignore these amazing shadow pictures of what is still to come.      ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We’ll be CLOSED Monday, September 30 for the Feast of Trumpets (“Yom Teruah” in Hebrew, also known as the day of “sounding the shofar” or “making a noise”) found in Leviticus 23:23-25 and Numbers 29:1This feast has been known through the ages as one you “don’t know the exact day or hour” because it’s Hebrew idiom used for the appearing of the new moon…some Bible students my recognize that phraseology because Jesus actually uses it…Look up Matthew 24:29-39, Matthew 25:13, Mark 13:28-37, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11, and Revelation 16:15.

We’ll be CLOSED Wednesday, October 9 for Day of Atonement (“Yom Kippur” in Hebrew, the one day in the year when the High Priest could go behind the curtain in the Temple into the Holy of Holies) This day reminds us that the High Priest was only allowed 1 day per year to offer blood of sacrifices to atone for or redeem the peoples’ sin. We all have sinned and fallen short, but the glorious truth is that our sins can be forgiven and completely washed away by calling upon the name of Jesus! There is a day coming in the future, called Judgement Day, and if our sins are not covered we will have to answer. Praise God there is a way to stand free of sin and guilt by accepting forgiveness from God through Jesus’ sacrifice! Leviticus 23:26-32, 1 John 4:10, Heb 10:1-16

We’ll be CLOSED on Monday, October 14 & Monday, October 21 for the Feast of Tabernacles (Days 1 & 8) (“Sukkot” in Hebrew meaning “booths”) This Feast is the great celebration lasting 8 days! It represents a time of renewed fellowship with God, remembering His sheltering provision and care for us whether we are in a desert-place or in a place of abundance, either way He is the source of all we need.  It’s celebrated by feasting, rejoicing, giving thanks to God for all His provision during the year; it’s a time of celebrating the bringing in of the last harvest of the year. It also gives us some insight into John 1:14 where it says Jesus “tabernacled among us.”  Leviticus 23:33-43, Deut 16:13, Zechariah 14:16-17, John 7:1-24

***October 22 – Nov 7 Dr. Sharla will be out of the country visiting Israel.  Dr. Sharla’s chiropractor, Dr. Cullen, will be filling in on Tuesday afternoons & Thursday mornings BY APPOINTMENT ONLY during those 3 weeks.  Dr. Sharla will be back in the office with her regular hours on Monday, November 11th.