It’s that time of year again when we are inundated by the pressure of media and medical professionals to get your yearly flu shot. I want to just shed a bit of light on something you may not have thought of before. You all know I’m such an advocate of checking the ingredients on the food that you buy…vaccinations are no different! You should ALWAYS read the ingredient list of any vaccine that is recommended to you; be informed; make a wise choice.

Here are just a few you may find: Mercury (a known neurotoxin), Glycol (a component in antifreeze) and Formaldehyde (the stuff they preserve cadavers with).  Up until last year, every flu vaccine had aborted fetal tissue as an ingredient.  Thankfully because of much lobbying by Pro-Life advocates, the 2015 flu shots no longer have that ingredient, but still contain a host of toxins. Unfortunately, there are still vaccines that contain aborted fetal tissue.

 Here is a 2015 list of vaccines that STILL DO contain cells from aborted babies.  

If you click on those ingredients above, you can read about these chemicals.  And still every year, unknowing Americans line up at CVS to get this stuff injected directly into their veins, thinking it’s their best option to keep from getting sick…WRONG! Countless people get the flu from the shot itself, not to mention the long-term negative effects those toxic ingredients have on your body.

There are natural, alternative ways to boost your immune system and protect yourself from the flu. Vitamin C, Elderberry syrup/juice, Garlic, Echinacea Goldenseal, Vitamin D3, Garlic, Oregano essential oil, Probiotics, Exercise, & Getting Adjusted are all MUCH better options! And even if you DO get the flu: stay home, rest, gets lots of fluids and let your body fight off the virus! Our immunity will be stronger when it has to fight disease…when your immune system is STRONG, it protects you from all diseases, cancers, bacteria, & viruses.