Dear Gentlemen, please DO NOT carry your wallet in your hip pocket…Why, you ask?

Think about it; if you sit on a wallet, you’re sitting with one side of your body lifted up.  What does that do to your alignment?  If I adjust someone and then they go straight to their truck and sit on a .5″-1.5″ thick wallet, what just happened to the adjustment they paid for?  That individual got himself all “out of whack” again and wasted his money.  This is NOT good!  Instead, my suggestion is to use a different kind of wallet and put it in your front pocket instead!

I very highly recommend my husband’s leather company called “Midbar Leather.”  He has an entire line of thin, highly durable, handmade leather wallets designed specifically to use in your front pocket.  Check it out here!

One of the most important goals of my practice is to help people get well and stay well.  It is my greatest joy to help people find solutions for their health and healing, and I am extremely thankful for my husband joining this effort with his company as well!