Your hip bone really is connected to your knee bone as the song goes…but there’s a whole lot more to that story!  Not only is everything connected, one structure, one joint, one area of the body can also influence the others.  From an above-down perspective, truly the position of your neck and shoulders affects your lumbar spine (lower back) and the alignment of your lower back affects your hip, knee, ankle and foot.  Conversely, if you have an old injury in your foot, or if your knee is worn out, those can drastically change your posture and thereby effect how your entire back, neck and shoulders feel!  So how do you make sure everything is connected and aligned properly?  Get checked by your Chiropractor!  Make sure your kid’s & grandkid’s spines are getting checked regularly!  Adjustments are the BEST way to ensure that your body can handle the day to day stresses that come along with everyday life.  

**Here’s some things to consider with hips/knees/ankles that bother you:

SIDE-SLEEPERS: sleep with a pillow between your knees to keep your hips from twisting;

BACK-SLEEPERS: try to keep your legs even, whether they’re straight or bent slightly, do the same thing on both sides.  

Shoes are another HUGE issue; if you’re wearing flat shoes to purposefully train and strengthen the bottoms of your feet, i.e. barefoot training, that’s great!  But, if you’re wearing worn-out or completely flat shoes with no support, this can also be putting a huge stress on your lower back, hips, knees and ankles.

Lastly – if you have chronic pain, arthritis, or an old injury with scar tissue in your lower back, hip, knee or ankle consider doing a SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Therapy appointment with Lauren or Kaci at Clearview, we’ve seen amazing results with people who didn’t want to do pain pills or cortisone shots & they’re bodies are healing naturally with this amazing technology!