Proverbs 18:21 says that the tongue can bring death or life.  

So the question today is:  How are you using yours?  

We have no idea how our words may be affecting those who hear them.  Have you ever been around someone who continually spoke words of Life into you?  Those people are sometimes hard to find in today’s world.  People seem to be a bit self-absorbed at times and hardly take a moment to notice another human, much less speak words of encouragement to them.

My challenge for us today is that we start to pay attention to opportunities to speak words to people that lift them up, encourage, and cause them to want to go out and do the same thing for another.  Let’s be mindful of the words that we choose today and everyday.  We really can bring life or death with our tongue.

Today, make a point to tell the people around you something that could build them up and edify them.  Tell them why you appreciate them.  Bring life with your words and say something truly uplifting to your wife, husband, kids, friends, or the checkout clerk at the store, etc.