1 out of every 2 people you see at Clearview are part of a whole family that gets adjusted.  But, WHY?  Why everyone?  Why regularly?  Why for your whole life?  My answer: because life happens.  We are busy, we all have stresses, we each do something every single day that defeats good posture and good alignment and good health, if we’re honest. Not just adults either!  I have a 4 yr-old, and while adjusting him last night I told him his neck was out and he said, “Why, Momma?”  My answer was another question, “Why do you think your neck is out, Buddy?”  He quickly said, “Because I jump off the couch really high!”  And there you have it, my friends!

The on-going-ness of health and healing is just part of life.  We cannot quit nor give up!  We can’t grow weary in doing good or there will inevitably be consequences.  The glorious part is that we are free to choose.  No matter what you choose, you are welcome here!  I take care of people every week who haven’t been adjusted in years, but they finally decided they’re ready to come regularly because they’re tired of being sick and tired.  Whenever you come to the realization, it matters not to me, we’re here!  We are here to help you get well again & again, OR help you stay well with regular adjustments this year, and next year, and 15 years from now…I intend to convince you that this is such a wonderful choice that even if you move away, I get the privilege of helping you find another Chiropractor wherever it is that you’re going!

I had the sweetest conversation with a woman who has been getting regular adjustments (either weekly or every other week) for the past 6 years.  I’ve adjusted her through all 3 of her pregnancies and I’ve checked all three kids since birth; I even get to take care of her husband, too.  She told me that for a long time this (Chiropractic) was the only “extra” expense they have had in their budget.  Her revelation was the importance of the investment they’re making in their health in an ongoing way.  I cannot agree more.  It’s why I am as passionate about my own chiropractic care as anyone else’s.  Chiropractic is your glorious option, thank you for choosing Clearview, I sure do love what I get to do!