A lot of people ask….


Here is the answer:

There is a tube of muscle that connects the ear to the back of the throat. When these muscles are working correctly they pump fluid back and forth between the two as designed. Sometimes, however, the top bone in the neck can become subluxated (misaligned) and when pressure is put on the nerves that control those muscles the muscles basically turn off.

Imagine a swimming pool in the middle of summer. What hap- pens if you turn the pump off??? The water will sit still and quickly turn GREEN!
The same happens to the inner ear…. Infection!

How much sense does it make to dump a huge bucket of shock in the pool but NOT turn the pump back on? You will get blue water temporarily but it will by just a short time and you will have a green pool again.

The same happens when you pour antibiotics down your kids throat without ever taking the pressure off the nerve. This is why chiropractic is so successful at helping children with ear infections. We take care of a lot of children and we want to take care of YOURS too!

(Thanks to Dr. Caleb Braddock of Braddock Chiropractic & Wellness in Van Alstyne, TX for sharing this great post with us)

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