There is this little-known compound that occurs when an early-harvest olive is put into the press…it’s called OLEOCANTHAL, and you can’t get oleocanthal unless the crushing happens!  Oleocanthal is only found in extra-virgin olive oils, and predominantly in olives picked early rather than late in the harvest season.  I’m on a mission to give you all the reasons to get rid of vegetable oils, safflower oils, soybean oils and other cheap, toxic, nutrient-deficient oils that are causing MORE inflammation, disrupting your gut health/microbiome (i.e. your good bacteria which affect your digestion, brain function & hormone production). Read more about toxic oils to avoid here  High-Phenolic extra virgin olive oil taken just 1-2 tablespoons/day can yield massive benefits to helping chronic pain (it acts similar to Ibuprofen but is obviously completely natural + great side-effects & no negative ones). Click here to read more on that  **One characteristic of good quality oleocanthal-containing olive oil is that it is peppery in flavor and actually burns the back of the throat a bit (not in an unbearable way, but it’s a distinct sensation).  If your olive oil doesn’t do that, it doesn’t contain the oleocanthal compound & these benefits wouldn’t apply.  Unfortunately, many olive oils are fakes or are “cut” with other vegetable oils which ruin its quality. Recent research suggests that oleocanthal can help with auto-immune diagnoses like Lupus. I’m going to share an interview with Chris Wark (from Chris Beat Cancer) and Dr. Limor Goren, a cancer-researcher who gave up her role in the lab to pursue supplying high-phenolic olive oil); it’s a great interview which will give you more great insights into the benefits of adding high-quality olive oil to your diet each day!