Have you ever noticed your joints hurting as the weather changes?  That is a very common realization especially amongst those who have had surgeries or know they have arthritis.  Well, there may be some other contributors to joint pain that you haven’t thought of.  Statin drugs (common cholesterol lowering drugs) are one of the largest causes of joint and muscle pain.  Another could be the amount of gluten and sugar you’re eating. But, maybe more surprisingly – the “night-shade” family of vegetables. Yes, you read that right…there are certain vegetables that can actually irritate arthritis.  Nightshades are classified as such because of their specific chemical make-up.  Here is the most basic list:

Nightshades not only contribute to joints hurting but can also bother those with leaky-gut syndrome or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.If you are suffering from symptoms that could be tied to nightshade sensitivity, taking the time to eliminate them from your diet and give your body a chance to recover might save a lifetime of pain and discomfort.