You may have heard that up to 80% of our immune system resides in the gut. For the immune system to do its job at fighting dis-eases like cancer, the digestive system has to be functioning in an optimum way. This includes the proper balance of beneficial gut flora. Several studies done with animal models have shown that Spirulina has an antimicrobial effect, especially against overgrowths of candida, and that it also promotes the growth of healthy gut flora. Spirulina can also help with strictly-digestive system related issues such as leaky gut.

Here are some other ways that Spirulina supports the Immune System:

  • Spirulina contains 2,300% more iron than spinach
  • 3,900% more beta carotene than carrots
  • Spirulina provides 300% more calcium than whole milk
  • and is a great source of B vitamins.
  • Spirulina is loaded with healthy fats, including Omega-3s.
  • It helps your body assimilate essential minerals such as selenium;
  • and a mere 3 grams of Spirulina provides more anti-inflammatory (and antioxidant) activity than five servings of vegetables!

The most important thing to consider when purchasing Spirulina is purity, as some lesser-quality commercial brands have been found to contain contaminants. Be sure to buy top-notch Spirulina from a reliable source that guarantees the algae comes from pure, non-polluted waters and that no fillers have been used.  Finally, for those who have digestive issues, consider fermented Spirulina.

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