Few things matter more than maintaining your health as you age…just ask anyone who has lost their health for any reason!  Muscle weakness, loss of flexibility, and loss of balance play major roles in how our bodies function.  Needless to say, how we’re eating effects these things along with how much mental/emotional stress we’re under as well.  

How do we get strong?  We have to challenge our muscles. It’s critical to push, pull, or lift whatever you can to build muscles because they start breaking down by the time we reach our 30’s.  There’s this really fine line of knowing how to challenge your muscles in order to strengthen then YET at the same time not over-doing it and creating injuries.  I want you to get strong and do it wisely, so that typically means having someone to help you at the beginning at least!  

Flexibility is something that we can re-gain over time as well.  But, again, it takes effort and energy.  You might’ve heard me say before that I truly believe people get stiff before they feel old.  This can happen at ages that are much younger than “old” I can assure you.  When you begin to get stiff, it makes you feel old!  And nobody wants to feel like that.  Flexibility can be accomplished with just a few minutes daily, but it takes consistency.  

We’ll finish this week’s article with the importance of balance and challenging your body’s ability to stabilize.  Practice standing on each foot every day.  Your ability to maintain your footing on uneven surfaces or on steps will save you when it comes to preventing injuries from falls.  Getting strong, being flexible and stable on your feet are 3 of the best ways for your body to function well as you age!