As controversial as this subject is right now, I’m going to offer my humble opinion on what is happening in our country right now and the precedents being set for the so-called “health” of children worldwide by our FDA.    

Whatever you do, PLEASE stop and think about the facts surrounding Covid-19 amongst children + what facts we do not yet know about long-term effects of any of the different shots available. Think: true risk vs. true benefit…and this past Friday 10/29/21, our FDA just gave a “Emergency Approval” for the Pfizer shot for 5-11 year-olds.  1 brave member of the FDA Advisory Board refused to vote in this matter because of “limited safety and efficacy data.”  And, I find it highly questionable that the terminology “emergency” is even being used, when across the world, Covid-19 has not been known to kill children except in very rare cases.  And with what we know about hospital incentives to label deaths as “caused by Covid-19,” I would contend that true Covid-19 deaths amongst children are even much more rare than the numbers show.   

As of 10am, Sunday 10/31/21, the FDA has stated that they need additional time as well to evaluate risk analysis of myocarditis (heart inflammation) following Moderna shots, and won’t be completed until January 2022.  Myocarditis has been a particular risk amongst young men following the 2nd Moderna shot.  Regardless of what is decided at the end of their analysis, you and I have to see the big picture here.  Renowned Doctors like Dr. Peter McCollough, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, and Dr. Simone Gold are putting out copious amounts of vital information and are being constantly censored for it. Personally, if I listen to anyone, it’s not the ‘powers that be’ who have much to gain with every decision they try to force on the American people; I am, however, willing to listen to actual doctors who are seeing actual patients and who are helping those actual patients avoid the hospitals completely because of protocols to treat this virus without need for experimental, genetic-therapy shots.   

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