One of the biggest problems in digestion is when the “Rest & Digest” or Parasympathetic phase of our nervous system is not functioning properly. You’ve probably heard me talk about the Stress Response in the body and how we are much too often in the “Fight or Flight” or Sympathetic phase of our nervous system. Our bodies should mildly move from one to the other to stay in normal balance. If not, then we often start to see stomach and digestive problems developing.

Subluxations, the misalignments that can occur in your spine, put a huge amount of stress on your body and cause it to go into the “Fight or Flight” or Sympathetic stress response. So can mental/emotional stresses, and stress caused by eating toxic foods, or stress caused by not meeting your body’s requirements for exercise. All of these can trigger the Sympathetic nervous system which literally turns OFF your body’s natural cycle of proper digestion. Your digestive system includes your mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, gall bladder, and colon. Many other organs & tissues in the body have to do with producing and secreting enzymes which aid in digestion as well. How well your digestive system is working also has to do with how strong your immune system is, too!

Regular Chiropractic care, whether you’re in your first year of restorative care, or into your second + years of Wellness care helps your body to return to and/or maintain normal function. Chiropractic adjustments restore proper balance within your Nervous System…and we all know that the Nervous System is the “Master System” of the body. Our bodies heal from Above, Down, Inside, Out — and Chiropractic ensures that your body is moving closer toward Optimal Health each & every day!