Splenda (Sucralose) is more like Bug Spray than Sugar!

Shocked?  Well, you should be. Splenda (sucralose) is a chlorocarbon. Pesticides are chlorocarbons. Ever felt the need to put bug spray in your iced tea? Hopefully not, but this is exactly what unsuspecting, nutritionally uneducated innocent people are doing by the millions.

Chlorocarbons have long been shown to cause organ, genetic, and reproductive damage. The testing of sucralose has revealed it can shrink your Thymus gland by up to 40%…your Thymus is a gland at the very foundation of your immune system. Sucralose can cause swelling of your liver & kidneys as well, along with calcification of your kidneys.  Consuming it has been shown in this study to DECREASE the good bacteria in your digestive tract by 50%!

Nearly a decade ago, studies were already revealing that artificial sweeteners can:

Isn’t that insane?  It’s so important to know what is in your food and what effect it has on your body!

Remember, Splenda is NOT sugar & NOT found in nature.  Neither is any other artificial sweetener. It’s toxic to the body just like bug spray!  A non-caloric replacement would be Stevia.  I would recommend raw, organic stevia only.  

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