One substantial reason that people have trouble sleeping or winding down at night could be the amount of exposure to Blue Light within 2-3 hours of going to bed.  

Sources of blue light include: TV’s, Smartphones, Tablets, Gaming Systems, Fluorescent lights, LED lights, and computer screens. 

 If you’re looking at or using any of these 2-3 hours before bed, you could significantly affect the hormone in your body called “Melatonin.”  Melatonin controls your sleep-wake cycles aka your “circadian rhythm.”  Before you reach for the supplemental melatonin spray to help your body go to sleep (which can be a legitimate help to some people)…

  1. Try turning off all these devices at a minimum 1 hour before you lay down to go to sleep
  2. Invest in some good blue-light blocking glasses to begin wearing during that pre-bedtime period
  3. Dim the brightness on any device you have, i.e. turning it to “night mode” or “dark mode” to minimize blue light

Sidenote: I wear blue-blocking glasses daily at Clearview because I look at computer screens so much, I HIGHLY recommend these if you have a job where you’re in fluorescent lights and/or looking at screens!