The cold, hard fact is that we will not accomplish anything in 2017 without some effort!  Isn’t that such an in-your-face thought?  Effort.  Regardless of how that statement hits us today, effort is absolutely essential for anything to change.  We cannot sit idly by and expect positive change in any part of our lives.  Nor can we expect positive change and continue doing the things that have produced our current results.  I am preaching to myself…I’m the messenger here but I’m also the recipient!  The books you want to read will not get read in 2017 unless you open them and make time.  Relationships will not flourish if you continue to ignore other people in them.  Your weight will not decrease magically, nor will your muscles get stronger without hard work to strengthen them!  Your attitude will not randomly become positive nor will your life be “happy” by haphazard chance.  We have been given the most beautiful gift from God, which is called free will.  We have the freedom to choose what we put our effort into.  We get to choose what we fix our minds on.  Choose wisely this year!  We cannot afford to have goals for our life that our Creator did not set for us.  I want to challenge us all to spend time in this first week of January 2017 and have the guts to pray and ask God what HIS goals are for our lives in 2017…I am willing to bet all that I am to say if we will humble ourselves and align ourselves with God’s vision for our lives, we would find the effort we put in HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.  That’s my prayer for you, being a part of Clearview Chiropractic Life Center, that we would be willing to put maximum effort in the things God puts on our heart…SO THAT we are highly effective at the assignments we are given.  Life with Jesus the Messiah is the most exciting and wonderful and freeing way to live…following Him is so simple, but it’s not easy!  Here’s to a 2017 filled with excessive joy and the willingness to do whatever it takes to go God’s way!!!