I think we really “get” the whole repair and maintenance concept when dealing with our homes or cars or other costly investments we might have in our lives.  But, have you ever thought about the fact that our bodies need to be repaired and maintained as well? Our bodies are continually breaking down & replacing cells with brand new ones. So, what causes new cells to be healthier than the old ones? The answer is simple, but not always easy. Your lifestyle choices (how you eat/drink, move, think/believe, and the health of your spine & nerves) determine how healthy your cells are…Did you realize that every Chiropractic Adjustment you get actually helps your body replace old cells with HEALTHIER ones? Without a doubt, as time goes on, choosing to keep your spine & nerves healthy through Chiropractic Adjustments literally allows your cells to continually be replaced by healthier ones. So, live well! Get adjusted regularly for life, and put effort into your health, eat food that is actually food! Take good quality supplements for what you can’t get from your diet. Move your body, don’t sit so much! And fix your mind on things above, as the Bible tells us. Focus on what you can control and that’s YOU. After all, this is the only body we get here on Earth…I’m praying you’ll take care of yours better & better as we take this journey of getting well & staying well for life!