Stagnant Lymphatics in your body can have way more negative effects than just swollen ankles and overall lymphedema.  Your lymphatic system can get stagnant with a lack of movement/exercise, with shallow breathing habits (lack of diaphragm movement), and even can be effected by scar tissue in your body!  

Your Lymphatic system is a huge part of your immune system because it is how your lymphocytes (white blood cells which are major factors in your body’s defenses) travel throughout the body.  Your lymphatics are also a huge factor in your body getting rid of waste, therefore if your lymphatics are stagnant, your body is collecting waste and becoming toxic – and you feel the effects like brain fog, chronic fatigue, things like diagnoses of fibromyalgia when there’s no other explanation.  

There are 6 primary areas where you have higher concentrations of lymph nodes, that need to be stimulated in order for your lymphatic system to drain properly, making getting rid of waste and carrying proper immune cells from one part of the body to another much more effective.  

 In addition to these 6 areas, just below your skin are tons of lymphatic pathways.  Additionally, 1/3 of your 700 lymph nodes are located in your neck alone!  


Start by massaging all 6 of these areas with circular motions clockwise and counter-clockwise for at least 5-10 seconds each at least once-a-day.  Do this BEFORE you exercise to get maximum benefit from your movement.  Rebounding (using a mini-trampoline) and dry brushing your skin are wonderful for your lymphatics, but again, do this “Big 6” routine before you do either.  

Getting your lymphatic system draining well will help your body feel better & heal so much more effectively!