This is just a fervent passion of mine, this thing of prayer…talking to God, our Creator, and hearing back from Him.
I love this quote from a wonderful little book I’m reading called, “Rabbi, Teach us to Pray” by Aaron Eby; I hope you enjoy this food for thought!

“Perhaps we do not feel eloquent enough to pray. But prayer does not require poetry. Our private prayers should be in our native language, in the type of speech that is most natural for us, because it should express what is in our hearts. Our goal is not to impress God with our vocabulary but to open communication with Him. We can think of ourselves as small children with our mother or father.
In any case, if we do not have the words to pray, then that is what we should pray about. We should tell our Father in heaven that we can’t think of what to say and why. If we feel inadequate or unworthy or overwhelmed, we can tell Him that and ask Him for help.
Conversational prayer dispels the excuse “I don’t have time to pray.” We can talk with God in this way while walking, driving, washing dishes, or gardening.”