Some are from the generation who still remember getting fresh, raw milk delivered to their home.  Though we live in a time much different than that, believe it or not, we’re working with some of our patients (The McDowell Family) who have a creamery in Dublin to get fresh, raw organic milk delivered to Clearview through a coop/membership system!  One of the greatest concerns I have as a “real food” advocate is the way that man intervenes tends to degrade our food system rather than enhance it.  The list could go on here, but spraying pesticides and herbicides to get rid of pests also then has an effect on the humans who consume those chemicals still found on/in their food.  Foods made with white flour might appeal to our taste buds and have lovely textures but are then completely devoid of the fiber and beneficial nutrients contained in truly healthy unsifted, fresh-milled grains, which then leads to allergies and constipation and the list goes on.  Though the original advent of milk pasteurization was aimed at getting rid of harmful bacteria, what it also did was get rid of the beneficial bacteria, enzymes and vital nutrients within raw milk that help the human body digest it and make it genuinely good for you.  Not only are there safe ways to deliver fresh, raw milk from cows that have been raised on pasture the way that God intended cows to live…but, it tastes amazing and it’s healthy.  There are of course always exceptions for those who have a genuine allergy to casein just like healthy fresh-milled grains still won’t work for someone who has Celiac disease. But, did you know that lactase, an enzyme that breaks down lactose, is found in raw milk?  The very thing that a lactose-intolerant individual needs is found in the raw form of milk that hasn’t been heated to excessive temperatures. Pasteurization denatures the truly good stuff that helps your body digest milk properly.  

I’m an advocate for real food, because eating food as close to its natural form is maybe one of the best ways to regain your health.  Please let us know if you’re interested in finding out more about the Armagh Creamery raw milk Acton delivery when we get more details.