Not to give you flash-backs to Jr. High gym class, but can we discuss the simple act of doing a push-up and the wonderful benefits of such a movement? I’m a huge fan of bodyweight exercises because they simply don’t cost you anything but burned calories and honestly do not take very much time to accomplish a great amount for your health. The other great benefit is that you’re working more than 1 muscle group and building core strength at the same time.  During a push-up, you’re working your arms, upper back, chest, core, legs and hips. There are some really easy modifications you can do as well, in case you’re unable to lift your entire bodyweight or if you’re unable to get all the way down on the floor for some reason.

Proper Push-ups (& Modification Possibilities if needed)

  1. Place hands on the floor, shoulder-width apart, fingers facing forward
  2. Brace your torso and fully extend your body either onto your toes for a full push-up or on your knees if you need more assistance, making sure your spine & head are aligned
  3. Keeping this same body position, lower your body toward the mat while allowing your elbows to bend
  4. Once your chest or chin have come close to the floor, press your body upward until your arms are fully extended

**MODIFICATION OPTIONS: You can do this same push-up movement you’re your arms while using a countertop instead of laying down on the ground (i.e. a knee injury, inability to get up off the floor, etc.), bend your arms then push-up