We have 2 options for protecting your throat this winter here at Clearview. The first is the product we’ve been carrying for years. “Seagate Olive Leaf Extract Throat Spray” is amazing when you have the very first symptoms of a sore throat. Seagate Brand Olive Leaf Extract has been recognized by health care professionals as a leading alternative antimicrobial therapy, without the side-effects of antibiotics. Baptisia Tinctoria, the other active ingredient in the Olive Leaf Throat Spray, has long been recognized as a homeopathic remedy because of its antiseptic properties. Its principal applications have been for mouth, throat and tonsil infections, inflammation and sore throat. I’ve been using this product personally any time even the slightest sore throat begins, along with my husband and son, it has been greatly effective! This one is safe for children.

The second product is *brand new* to Clearview, something I learned about when I was in Israel this past July. “Kedem Naturals Kalita” is a spray specifically developed for throats and it contains the biblical herb Hyssop which is highly anti-microbial and anti-fungal as well. We visited the Kedem Naturals herb factory, where we saw stacks and stacks of organically grown herbs…and let me tell you that the aroma was incredible! The place where Kedem Naturals’ herbs are grown is the Judean Desert, between the Judean Hills & the Dead Sea in Israel. This creates a rare encounter between two herbal populations, where the extreme changes in elevation and weather patterns set it apart from any other place on Earth. Kalita, and the combination of herbs that it contains is effective in killing even the most difficult of throat infections, when used regularly and appropriately, even strep throat can be treated naturally.
Kalita is not safe for pregnant women nor children 5 and under nor people with a seizure disorder.

Here are a few pictures of my visit to the Kedem factory in the heart of the Judean Hills where these exact organic herbs are grown and harvested: