Not long ago, I ran across a study conducted in 1998 in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics.  The study was done on restoration of spinal alignment and posture, and the affect of misalignment (Subluxation).

       “Studies indicate that as little as 5-30 mmHg of increased internal pressure is enough to impair blood supply to the cord and cause venous stasis (note: 30mmHg will completely shut off the venous flow).”

“Significantly, several experiments document that changes in posture of just the cervical spine alone are well within the range of 5-30 mmHg required to reduce blood flow and the pressure of perfusion in the spinal cord.”

“These stress patterns over time can lead to alterations in structure…degenerative changes…altering the sensory, motor, and autonomic nervous systems.”

Basically, what this study proved was that even slight changes in your posture, especially in the neck is enough to slow or even shut-down blood flow to the Spinal Cord!  Do you think you need good blood flow to your spinal cord?  If you said heartily “YES,” you are exactly right!  Believe me, you want good Posture & Spinal motion because you want optimal blood flow to your spinal cord & optimal nerve flow from your body to you brain.  By choosing to get adjusted & do your stretches I’ve given you – you’re choosing to ensure your spinal cord stays healthy.  That’s a BIG DEAL!  Congratulations for making a really healthy choice!